Thursday 21 December 2017



Dark shadow of fear lifted a year ago

Broken stones may be shattered

But you will heal and you will grow.


My heart lives in your souks

My blood beats with the rhythm of your streets.


My breath is in your air

My eyes see your skies.


Copyright B Purkayastha 2017


  1. Bill,
    Very nice my friend.
    I get so angry at the destruction that is being done by the country of my birth, 'Merikkka. What passes for our leaders seem to have no end to the devastation they are willing to do, in particular to people who have a nicer/darker tan than they have. Also, since 1945, they only attack nations that have either no, or at best, very, very limited means to doing any real harm to 'Merikkka. Yes, the country I was born in and still live in is run by a gang of damn cowards.

  2. Very beautifully written! You do have a talent with words!


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