Sunday 5 November 2017


Brown people in a brown land
Aren't really human,
They're the targets in a video game
That vanish when they die -

Faceless enemies on a screen
Rushing at you, and destroyed
By a movement of your finger.

They're insects, bugsplat. Not human
They do not bleed and do not cry
It's fun to crush them and make them fry.

What is an insect's anger? What can an insect do?
When you sit on the other side of the world
Sending down thunderbolts from the sky
You decide who'll live and who's going to die.

They are bugsplat

And you are god.
And you're god.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2017


  1. Good poem.

    And Americans, who know that droning brown terrorists is fighting to make the world a better place for everyone, can't understand why those people don't appreciate their benevolent efforts.


  2. Yeah, there are so many 'brave' 'Merikkkans who drone the people of color across the planet. Such 'brave' clowns now claim they get PTSD from playing their video game wars. Call me a sarcastic old SOB, but I've been on the ground in a shooting war. Up close and all too personal war is way beyond your worst nightmare. Being a cynical old veteran of the Vietnam war, I suppose I could say my heart bleeds for the poor drone pilots, but that would be a damn lie. Hey, as the orange haired rodent (Trump) told that military widow, they knew what they signed up for.
    Not sure why, but I AM feeling very sarcastic this morning.
    The drone jockeys may be gods, but I quit buying into any god over 55 years ago. Yep, I'm older than the hills and twice as dusty.

  3. I can't make it stop. Yet.


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