Thursday, 4 May 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons

BottleSarin: Birth Of Business


Trillion Dollar Baby


Blessed Are The Insane


Brothers In Arms


Mother Of All Duds

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  1. If you watch the official Russian propaganda TV channel, they have 3 presenters in a row. The first says that US 'no-fly zones' means no one can fly except the US and its coalition; a Russian 'no-fly zone' means that no one can fly.

    The 2nd presenter says the US and Russia have agreed to work together for peace in Syria.

    The 3rd says the US and Russia have just re-established a communications system to prevent problems.

    All 3 together mean that the US has promised to call Russia and say, 'We are sending in our planes to bomb in one of your no-fly zones.' And then they give absolutely no clue what Russia will do.

    As the Chinese would say, 'Interesting times.'



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