Thursday, 23 March 2017

Current Affairs In Cartoons

Mission Accomplished


   Bloody Birthday


Uncle Scam


Mosul, Explained


  1. Totally disgusting how W. Shrub seems to have been reborn as some sort of actual heroic critter. He is a blood stained war monger. He loves any war he or his kids don't have to fight in. He was all in favor of the damn Vietnam war I was an actual combat participant in, as long as he remained state side, drinking and doing his drugs of choice, safe from any actual war fighting. Damn coward, just like Mr. 5 deferments Cheney. Goddamn, chicken shit rat bastards. And no, I will not apologize for my language. You can disregard this comment, toss it in your trash bin, it won't bother me if you do. This IS your blog after all. Just stating my own opinion is all.

  2. Trump foolishly said Obama created the Daesh by leaving Iraq. Not quite. Someone posted that Obama was GREAT and Trump is terrible, and I suggested he read about Camp Bucca. Sadly, I was really cruel to suggest reading to a semi-literate, but he just ignored me and said that Camp Bucca proves Obama was Great and Trump is terrible.

    When I was young, right after a tragedy, the press raced to write something, anything. The true story took a day or two, and often ended up on the bottom of page 26.

    Times change. Back in '14, the Daesh raced across eastern Syria and Western Iraq, and the press reported they came from Camp Bucca, which was close to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    With time, Winston Smith has been busy, and now the newspapers that once wrote about Camp Bucca tell us that the Daesh were created by the evil Syrian, Iranian, and Russia regimes to justify their brutal murders of 625,000 innocent, peaceful, unarmed, pro-democracy activists, mostly women and small children. And one can't find any mention of Camp Bucca after '14 (but Winston missed deleting all the '14 references to Camp Bucca, so I'm sure Big Brother will be keeping a close eye on him).



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