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The Lesser of Two Evils?

Linked article, by my dear friend Barbara McKenzie, here.


The Swastika Of David

Once upon a time there was a Bill.

This Bill grew up in a family where the default state was worship of Zionism. I mean the word “worship” literally: Zionists could, literally, do no wrong. Anything and everything they did was right and proper merely by virtue of the fact that they did it.

Bill grew up in India of the 1970s and 80s, an era when India had no diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity, and Indian media still had a measure of independence. So it was that one evening in 1982, Bill, who was then all of twelve years old, could see in the newspaper in his hands a cartoon of Zionist “prime minister” Menachem Begin sitting on a mountain of skulls, gnawing on a bone, while Beirut burned in the the very same moment his father was assuring him that the whole thing was Syria’s fault.

This seemed, to Bill, to be somewhat strange.

Bill, as people who have known him have often found to their exasperation, is cursed with a contrary mind. In other words, if he’s expected to take a particular view on any subject, he’ll automatically try out the opposite viewpoint for size, and see what fits better. And the Syria-is-the-villain narrative did not, in any shape or form, fit better.

Nor did it even match the rest of the family’s views. The default family state was also anti-American, and there was excellent reason to believe that they were right in that. But America was the only reason the Zionist entity even still existed, let alone could invade Lebanon and massacre thousands. There was something very wrong here.

It stank.

Overnight, then, Bill decided to follow his own instincts on this subject. Now, these were not just the pre-Internet days, but in Bill’s part of the country, even the pre-television days; TV didn’t arrive until the very end of that year when the Asian Games were held. But even then, there was enough in the newspapers and on the radio for a twelve year old to make up his own mind. And Bill did.

This did not go well where his family was concerned. Suddenly, Bill discovered that he was, all unknowing, a Muslim lover. This was a cardinal sin where his family was concerned. One uncle (by marriage) used to claim that as a child he’d, one hot summer day, entered a house to ask for water. They gave him water, of course; but later he discovered that it was a Muslim family, whereupon he stuck two fingers down his throat to vomit out that water. Another family member repeatedly said that Bill should get circumcised and convert to Islam if he “loved Muslims” so much. This was the kind of family Bill had.

Well, Bill did get circumcised much later, for impeccably sexual health related reasons. But that was later.

Can you imagine what it felt like to Bill to be treated like that, by his own family, at the age of twelve? Can you imagine what it felt like to be mocked because he cried after watching a Palestinian man beaten around the head by a Zionist “soldier” on television in 1985? Can you imagine how it felt to be literally the only person he knew with a viewpoint directly opposed to that of everyone else?

It wasn’t just the older generation which venerated the Zionist entity like that. One time, Bill was out with a pair of older cousins (the son and daughter of the water-puker, as it happens) to the highest hilltop near the town. They had a pair of binoculars with them, and Bill was using them to look across at another hill, when they took a photo of him, which they immediately dubbed the Moshe Dayan Photo.

Moshe Dayan, of course, was the Zionist war criminal (real family name Kitaigorodsky) who was worshipped by my, er, Bill’s, family, simply because he’d “killed Muslims”.

You’ll note that not one member of Bill’s family, while eager to applaud Muslim-killers, ever joined the army or even the police, both of which would have given ample opportunity to kill Muslims.

Another time Bill was in Calcutta, with a couple of other cousins (who were sisters). They were in a part of the city Bill had never seen before, with a lot of mosques and men in beards. The sisters made a point of informing Bill – who had never discussed politics with them – that that was a part of the city where his “favourite community” was in a majority. Obviously, word in the family had got around.

Today, Bill’s family has fallen totally silent on the subject of the Zionist entity. I literally can’t get them to try and defend their ziolove. They can’t exactly disown it; that would prove that they’d backed the wrong side all these years. Nor can they let go of their instinctive anti-Muslim hate. But they can’t exactly ignore facts either, and the racist, criminal nature of the Zionist entity is far too clear to ignore.

Well, so here is today’s cartoon. Presented totally without apologies, and let the hysterical and predictable accusations of “anti-Semitism” begin!

I’m more than used to them.


The Blood Of The Scammed


The Sorrows Of Salman


  1. Trying to figure out what's true has become more difficult, now that reliable sources of current facts have become as copious as dodos. The official fact checkers says is all fake news, even though they provide ample documentation for their claims.

    The MSM claims to have a strict duty to only tell the truth, so on CNN Amanpour was talking to an Iranian, asking him how Iran could support the evil Syrian regime that has brutally murdered 600,000 innocent, unarmed, peaceful, pro-democracy activists and used many poison gas attacks, just because they want democracy instead of a dictator?

    The Iranian said she was mistaken, but she pointed out that CNN always has the TRVTH, and he should stop lying and say why Iran continues to support the wrong side.


    The story of your family was interesting. As long as the Zionists are killing Muslims, they must be the 'good guys'. I can certainly see their logic.


  2. Le Monde classifies as a fake news site with nothing but fake news. Snopes said their 'proof' was based on photos, videos, and other things that are easily faked, and probably were. Snopes does NOT say is proven false, just that their proof is less than credible, and top-rated sites all agree the White Helmets were robbed of the Nobel Peace prize, when they were obviously the most worthy candidates.

    Just because they wave the Daesh flag doesn't mean they aren't good guys. After all, they get millions from the US/UK/EU, and the US/UK/EU only do good and save the innocent from evil people like the Syrians and the Russians.

    It must also be understood that the Daesh in Iraq are all terrorists, but the Daesh in Syria are peaceful, unarmed, pro-democracy activists being brutally murdered by the evil Syrian and Russian regimes.


  3. Bill,
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    I had my own earning process and think (assuming I actually can think) I came out better for it.
    I always enjoyed reading, probably it would even be fair to say I loved to read. History was a favorite topic. Funny how history is almost always the story of the victor, not the defeated.You lost? Well nobody wants to hear your story. Except I want to hear/read that story.Odd how the zionists say they have a book that says they are THE chosen people. What gets really odd, the stains claim that same book, with additions that says THEY are now the chosen ones. Oh, and the original "chosen" people are those who killed some supposedly important guy.
    I also seem to recall that the Muslims have their own book that says they are special/chosen. I'll go so far as to bet that every religion that has a written language has a book that says they are special/chosen.
    It all make me so very happy to have no religion at all, no doGs to but into, no magical sky fairy to pray to. Nope, I just like being plain old ordinary, working class me. I now aged, physically broken down former machinist/US Marine/Vietnam war vet who does his best every day to treat all others the way I want to be treated.
    Your cartoons contain more truth than an entire years output of the New Yak Slimes or WaPo could ever hope to. Please do not get me started on what passes as TV "news" in 'Merikkka today, well for the last four decades in fact.

  4. And the White Helmets documentary won an Oscar. All the MSM agree that the White Helmets provide irrefutable proof of Syrian and Russian atrocities in their excellent videos (they are strictly volunteers, saving lives without being compensated, but their documentary requires funding, and they get more than $300,000 a year from the US/UK/EU. Since the US/UK/EU are the good guys--see how they raised India from a bunch of savages to civilisation--they only fund peaceful, pro-democracy activists, never terrorists, so we know a fortiori that the Daesh and al-Qaeda in Syria must be peaceful, pro-democracy activists).



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