Friday 3 February 2017

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One of the few positives of der Trümpfer taking power in the Imperialist States is how the liberals are exposing their own hypocrisy. One easy example is the Iraq invasion of 2003. As you may recall, throughout the Bush years, liberals kept insisting that Bush was a war criminal and that the invasion was a crime. This was of course true; yet the moment Obama took over, those same liberals seemed to forget all about calling Bush to account for said crime, and when Obama made not the slightest move to prosecute the war criminals filling the Bush administration, there wasn’t the slightest cheep from them. And when one of the primary instigators of Amerikastan’s imperialist wars, Killary Klingon, was a candidate against der Trümpfer, these same liberals rushed to her support, some of them hilariously calling her a “candidate of peace”.

A few days ago, when der Trümpfer announced a 90-day suspension of visas from seven Muslim countries (using a list prepared by his none too illustrious predecessor), liberals stormed the airports in Amerikastan, allegedly in support of Muslims. This struck a few people as a mite odd, since Barack Hussein Obama had spent every single day of his eight years in power bombing Muslims, unleashing jihadis on them, and, yes, suspended all visas from Iraq for six months...and not one of these liberals said a word. Not one.

The apogee of this flaming hypocrisy was the case of one Hamid Khalid Darweesh. This Darweesh was an interpreter who assisted the imperialist Amerikastani occupation forces during the first (2003-11) Occupation of Iraq, and who was detained for 17 hours at JFK airport in New York after the visa ban. According to the same liberals – including several I’ve been acquainted with online for a decade – who had opposed the Iraq invasion as a crime, this Darweesh was suddenly a “hero” who had “risked his life” in the service of “freedom”.

As I said elsewhere:

No imperialist conquest in history has ever worked - not one- without the aid of local collaborationists. No imperialist conqueror ever has enough manpower to maintain an empire without these vermin. These are the real enablers of colonialism. Twenty thousand Brits ruled 300 million Indians for almost 200 years because of these Quislings. I recall when in 2003 America invaded Iraq it was scum like Ahmed Chalabi and Kanan Makiya who were the cheerleaders of the invasion, and the vermin who fed and served the invaders who acted as America's enablers. Like these translators. Today, the same liberal hypocrites who ten years ago were still condemning the Iraq invasion are calling Darweesh a "hero" who "risked his life for freedom" - simply because Trump's temporary visa ban stopped him from entering America for 17 hours. This is beyond vile.

As vile as liberal hypocrisy, perhaps.

In case the reference to “Hajji bitch” might confuse anyone, it’s a racist term used by the Occupation in Iraq...and also used in cartoons by the likes of that great liberal Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury, who spent eight years with eyes screwed tightly shut where Obama’s war crimes and drones were concerned.


  Slava Poroshenko!

Meanwhile in Ukraine...

As you probably do not know, since it’s not probably being talked about in the news obsessed by meaningless vagina-hat-wearing liberal tantrums, the Ukranazi regime installed by Obama in Kiev has launched a massive attack on the liberated areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. There’s been massive shelling of Donetsk city and other places, such as the town of Avdiivka, and numerous civilians killed. The resumption of the war seems imminent.

If Ukraine’s so-called President, Petro Poroshenko, thinks he is going to retake the two republics of the Donbass, he is of course totally mistaken. The LPR and DPR forces, which had fought off the Ukranazis in 2014, are much stronger now, and the Ukranazi regime, never more than a shambolic alliance of fascist thugs and corrupt oligarchs, is weaker than ever. But the idea is not to win the war or capture the Donbass. Not even the most delusional Ukranazi imagines that is possible.

No, the clear and obvious purpose of this is to create a crisis that would sabotage any normalisation of ties between Russia and America. It is the prospect of this normalisation that is hated and feared by the War Industry in America, and the entire purpose of the ludicrous claim that der Trümpfer is a Russian “puppet”. After all the effort and expense that went into organising the Nazi coup that installed the current criminals in Kiev, the very prospect of losing their investment makes the War Industry shiver. And Poroshenko, whose own approval ratings rival those of genital herpes, desperately needs a boost. War is a nice, albeit short term, boost. That it will end in his ragtag army being slaughtered in the snow matters to Poro not at all.

Make no mistake – the targets of the renewed war is not the Donbass, but

 1. A Russia-America rapprochement which would result in lowered tensions, the reduction of force levels, and possibly the de facto dismantling of NATO, an alliance without a purpose not except aggressive imperialist war.


2. The European Union. The EU was always a target of the regime change in Ukraine, though its pusillanimous, mindless so-called leaders, like the horrendous Angela Merkel of Germany, pretended otherwise. Being colonial vassals of the American Empire, when America ordered them to jump, they jumped, putting sanctions against Russia which hurt them much more than the Russians – sanctions which, indeed, have turned out to be a blessing for Russia. Now, after several years, even the European worm is turning, and one by one the Merkelite scum – like the war criminal Francois Hollande of France – are being turfed out. If things continue in this way, the prospect of the EU rising in revolt against its Amerikastani overlords and dismantling the sanctions. A new round of fighting in Ukraine, in which the inevitable Ukranazi rout will be as inevitably blamed on yet another Invisible Invasion by Russia, is the only thing that might arrest that.

It remains to be seen how far they will succeed. 2017 is not 2014, and normal people have learnt that anything the official media, especially the liberal media, claim is virtually guaranteed to be a lie.


  AmNasty International


Perils Of The Pasha


  1. About sanctions against Russia - everything isn't unambiguous, benefit or evil. A controversial issue... About purposes of the new war, which Poroshenko wants to do again, you are right.

  2. St Hillary promised she would do for Syria the same beneficent favour she did for Libya, a favour that, according to the UK, saved millions of lives. The evil dictator Putin said he would not allow that, so St Hillary promised regime change in both Syria and Russia.

    Trump said he would renege on America's promise to promote Democracy and Freedom (meaning that US plutocrats must be free to take anything from anywhere in the world, and any government that hinders them must be replaced by a Democratic government, meaning one appointed by the president of the US), and managed to win the Electoral College with some rust belt votes that no one foresaw (except for the author of the Dilbert comic strip). As a candidate, Trump condemned Obama's not vetoing a toothless Security Council motion against Israeli colonies.

    And now Trump is demanding that Israel stop building colonies, and is also promising 'no fly zones' in Syria of the 'We came, we saw, he died,' kind, and that, unless Russia returns the Ukraine and promises to stop supporting the ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine, and also hands all its Syrian military assets over to NATO, the US will have to force regime change on Russia.

    Looks like them what voted against Secretary Redbeard are going to get her, anyway. More Democracy and Freedom for the world.

    And I've read many comments that regime change in Russia will be even easier than regime change in Libya, that the Soviet military collapsed with the USSR, and Russia is now on a par with Grenada. Surely the top US military advisers can't be wrong about that?


  3. Le Monde has a new site called Le Décodex that distinguishes real news sites from fake news sites.

    The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, & etc are all legitimate. One can trust everything written there. Put them into Le Décodex and they come out green, meaning 100% reliable. is, of course, a fake news site, "An unreliable site that hosts conspiracy theories," so it appears in red.

    The journalists at, as they admit, go to places like Syria and report what they actually see, and, from the example of a football game where no fan saw a gorilla run across the field, we know that what ordinary people see with their own eyes is all fake, just Syrian government propaganda. We all know the White Helmets were unjustly denied the Nobel Peace Prize for their work helping the innocent, peaceful, unarmed pro-democracy activists in al-Qaeda and the Daesh who were attacked by the evil Syrian and Russian regimes. They also provide the required medical assistance at executions of those convicted in fair trials for murder by al-Qaeda and the Daesh, another contribution toward peace in the world. We all hope the Nobel Committee corrects its mistake this year.

    Real news comes from US/UK/EU government information offices and the brave documentary makers in Port Said who filmed the atrocities committed by the evil Syrian and Russian regimes in Aleppo (Aleppo is clearly visible from Port Said) until they were stopped by the evil dictator al-Sisi.

    Le Décodex has another category for sites like, which comes out yellow, since it has a few real news stories mixed in with Russian propaganda.

    I'm sure everyone will rely on Le Décodex to distinguish real news from fake news.



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