Thursday 5 January 2017

The SJWs of ISIS

I am getting fed up to the back teeth with Social Justice Warriors.

In the parallel universe of SJWland, the people of the world are all poor little children, who can’t think for themselves, and to be protected and led by the hand by a benevolent adult...who just happens to be the SJW himself or herself, naturally.

SJWs are always outraged and looking for things to be outraged about. Somehow or other, though, these things they’re outraged about are always things that don’t really matter...not something about which there’s a crying need to make a difference.

Here’s a prime example.

The Brutish Bullshit Craporation – that’s the BBC for you, the same BBC that’s been churning out anti-Russian and anti-Syrian propaganda on an industrial scale for years now – chose to make a satirical skit called Real Housewives Of ISIS, which purports to follow the (mis)adventures of four British Muslim women who made the “hijrah” to the Caliphate. As, you know, ISIS demands all Muslims do. Here it is:

The essence of non-PC British humour, of the kind that the 1970s revelled in before SJWs crushed it flat. Does becoming an SJW include a mandatory humourectomy?

As you can see, the four women in this skit, Afsana, Mel, Zaynab, and Hadiya, are...all of them...British women who migrated to ISIStan. Not one of them is a home-grown sex slave or abductee of ISIS. They’re rather like my own character Jihadi Rose, of whom my readers seem to be rather fond, going by reactions.

And all the skit does is eviscerate ISIS. It’s not anti-female, it’s not anti-Islam, it’s not anything but anti-ISIS. That should be obvious to the meanest intelligence.

Apparently, though, there’s not enough meanest intelligence floating around.

The SJWs on the internet went wild. Apparently, while they had no problem with the BBC dishing out an endless series of antiRussian and antiSyrian propaganda all these years, mocking ISIS somehow was a step too far.

You can check out responses for yourselves.

Meanwhile, over on The Duran, which is a real news site (and therefore declared a “fake news site” by the Amerikastani propaganda outlet the Washington Post, this is what someone called Adam Garrie has to say.

“The sketch serves to normalise the most barbaric gang of savage monsters the world has seen in centuries and simultaneously makes light of the fact that vulnerable and uneducated women are susceptible to the perverse recruitment methods ISIS use online.

Maybe Mr Garrie might have taken a moment to read his history books and seen what the Belgians did in the Congo just a hundred years ago, for example? Like chopping off the hands of children because their parents couldn’t pay taxes or meet farm production quotas? Or what the Shia militia who ruled the streets of Baghdad did under George W Bush’s occupation, when tens or hundreds of young men turned up daily lying dead in the streets with their skulls perforated with electric drills? Or... know, just leave it.

But our Mr Garrie isn’t finished yet.

But it is also important,” he says, “that when mocking barbarians like ISIS, one must never lose sight of the fact that ISIS and their fellow travellers represent pure evil which must be stopped. These people may be insane and there are often cartoonish elements to certain varieties of madness, but ultimately these people are dangerous.

In response to this, I had this response to make:

“I found this skit very funny...and I'm a dedicated opponent of ISIS, a supporter of Syria against terrorism, and a satirist of jihadism myself (as anyone who reads my comic strip is aware). I am also non-white, and I am sick and tired of white Western SJWs getting outraged on our behalf. Believe it or not, we're adults and we know what a joke is and how to laugh at one.

“Also, saying "ISIS and their fellow travellers represent pure evil which must be stopped" is meaningless. Even if such a concept as "pure evil" existed, just calling it that merely means losing sight of the background that spawned it...and laying the foundation for the same thing to rise again. Remember that the Nazis were supposed to be "pure evil", so defeating them was good enough? Well, so did "pure evil" spawn afresh from the ground in Ukraine and all over Central/Eastern Europe the last couple of years...or is it that replicating the situation that gave rise to this "pure evil" merely means recreating it?

“As for humanising, ISIS is composed of human beings. They think like humans and react in human ways. Choking off their appeal requires understanding their appeal, which is to human beings. And that requires acknowledging them as such.
I wonder what these people who can’t take a simple joke would do if Fawlty Towers, that absolutely brilliant British sitcom from the 1970s, been made today. Had a mass heart attack, I think.

Meanwhile, in the interests of being as non-PC as possible, here’s my response to the BBC skit, which I hope will offend some SJW, somewhere:

I’m sure their children will blow up big and strong.

There. I’m done.


  1. I just saw the story a few hours ago. I thought this was an actual episode of a BBC comedy series, but it turned out to be one of the faux 'adverts' in a comedy series and is just a 2 minute teaser for a show to run 'next week'.

    I've been watching the BBC showing authentic documentaries of the atrocities of the evil Syrian and Russian regimes, killing many small children. These documentaries were filmed in the besieged Syrian city of Cairo, and the film-makers showed small children who'd been shot and bombed by the Syrians and Russians running in white clothes with red paint, until the documentary studio was shut down by the evil dictator al-Sisi. Fortunately, the BBC can just keep re-running old documentaries again and again until someone replaces the evil, secular Syrian regime with a decent Wahhabi regime that will cleanse Syria of all infidels and pagan atrocities left by the evil Romans and Greeks.


  2. Bill,
    Great commentary my friend.
    Hey, not just "Fawlty Towers" either. How would these moronic SJW clowns react to "Monty Python"? I have a DVD of "The Life of Brian" that I play every so often just because. Still wanting to get a DVD of their Holy Grail movie, again, just because I find it to be very funny.
    Oh, wait, I was a US Marine who served 13 months in the imperial war in Vietnam, therefore my sense of humor, such as it may be, is very twisted and dark. Hmmm…….not so much unlike a certain blogger who resides in a country named India……(goes off to his corner with a smirk)

  3. Trying to follow u, but blogger wont let me!

  4. Your link to the video seems to be broken. They said it was taken down for copyright reasons. However, there are (many) other copies.



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