Saturday 14 January 2017

Sun Worshipper

I am a sun worshipper
You are a sun worshipper.

I believe, you believe

The sun is the source of all life
-fathering energy,
The green of a leaf
The white of a cloud
The song of the bird on the wing.

You believe, I believe

That the mashing of atoms in the sun’s fiery heart
Is the only Godhead worth the anointing
The only reason I am, you are, we are
That the sun will one day consume his children
And then die in the only death that matters
The one that brings forth no life again.

I believe
That sunspots are holy,
The face of the Divine.
But you believe
That the flares of the Corona
Are the only true expression
Of the sun’s incandescent grace.

So I will burn you at the stake, heretic
Before you can cut my head off.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2017

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  2. As Carl Sagan said, we are made of star stuff.


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