Friday, 21 October 2016

Current Affairs In Cartoons (Continued)

World War III.

In Case You're Confused.

Know the Difference!


  1. In Iraq, there is a legitimate, democratic government that is making Iraq peaceful and prosperous. We know the government is legitimate and democratic because it was appointed by the US.

    In Syria, the evil regime murdered 500,000 unarmed, innocent, peaceful protesters, most of whom come from Camp Bucca, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The US opened Camp Bucca, and everyone who swore on the Nobel Koran to go to Syria, overthrow the evil regime, and never return to Iraq was freed, given money and weapons, and most are doing the Right Thing and cleansing Syria of all its filth: infidels, blasphemers, apostates, adulteresses, and pagan shrines left by the Romans. The Syrian regime and Russia, by refusing to hand Syria over to these protesters who are the rightful leaders of Syria, are guilty of the most heinous war crime. Most agree that Norway made a big mistake when it didn't give the Nobel to these innocent protesters.

    This is obvious to anyone who isn't on the side of the terrorists, who include the Ayatollahs, the Syrian regime, Russia, China, North Korea, and all horrible people who ever criticise the Zionists, since this is anti-Semitism that is even worse than what the Nazis did.

    None of these jihadists are Muslims, since every good Muslim accepts al-Wahhab's proof that the King of Saudi Arabia is the sole spiritual and temporal leader of all Islam and whatever he says is the Will of All_h and must absolutely be followed by everyone (All_h gave the King authority over everyone, not just Muslims).


  2. I used to love Dashiell Hammett, and read a book of short stories about the Continental Op. In one of the stories, he went into a speakeasy and saw a poster saying the speakeasy had high-quality whiskey. Being a poster, it had fewer than 10 words, and the Continental Op counted more lies than words in the poster.

    This is an article, not a poster, so it has quite a few words, but the number of lies comes close to the number of words:



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