Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I am anger
I am wrath
I am the essence of 
Vengeance come.

I am galaxies colliding
In a storm of gravity wells merging
I am black hole
All consuming

I am retribution
I am fury.

I am the blood in your veins
The tight-gripping rage in your throat.

I am the blazing fire
I am the desert wind
Blowing through the sockets of
Emptied skulls.

I am Nature red in tooth and claw
The mother bear fighting for her cubs
The wolf defending his pack from the hunter's guns.

I am the wild boar charging the spear
I am the valour of the bull in the corrida's bloody ring.

I am the knife, the swollen red sun
Which will burn your lands to ashes.
I am the march of Time
Grinding you under the tread of the years.

I am what you refuse to talk about.

I am the monster in the mirror
The one you do not want to see.

Forswear me.

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1 comment:

  1. I started reading your blog not long ago, and haven't seen much of your poetry. I like it.

    As they say in gocomics, you MUST be a Republican from North Dakota, or a terrorist from Libya, the way you go on about Secretary Clinton. But some of us like your work. Very much.



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