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Nanobots: North Korea's Latest Terror Weapon

By Juno Kuttigranchu
With additional reporting by N. Eropeetu.

Rueters, 1 April 2016, Gaziantep, Turkey.

In a startling and deeply worrisome development, the government of Turkey and the pro-western moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) leadership made a joint statement about the North Korean troops now known to be actively aiding the dictatorial regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad.

The involvement of two North Korean units, Chalma 1 and Chalma 2, in the Syrian civil war has been known for some time, and condemned by the US and its NATO allies. However, until now the thinking in the West has been that the North Korean troops are ancillaries supporting the regime offensive against moderate rebels and other forces working to overthrow Assad’s tyrannical regime, just like his Hizbollah and Iranian allies. The latest revelations by the FSA and the Turkish government, however, put the situation in a whole new light.

“Two weeks ago,” FSA spokesman Colonel Kazzab al Khara said, “the Chalma 2 unit was visited, in top secret and in the middle of the night, by a senior North Korean officer who flew in from Pyongyang via China and Russia. Though we have not yet been able to identify him with certainty, indications are that it was the head of the North Korean nanowarfare division, Colonel General Bang Yoo Bak himself.” 

In this file photograph , General Bang (in glasses) is standing behind Kim Jong Un

A NATO source told Rueters that the nanowarfare division is an ultra-top-secret part of the North Korean security apparatus and reports directly to Kim Jong Un himself, not to the head of the North Korean People’s Army or to the defence minister. “It’s almost a parallel military service,” he said, “and has its own personnel, budget and power structure, separate from the rest of the NKPA.”

“Our spies within Assad’s army,” Colonel al Khara continued, “have informed us that Bang brought with him a package which he personally delivered to the officer in command of Chalma 2, Major Song Gon Rong. This package is strongly suspected to contain the latest North Korean weapon, which Kim is now about to unleash on the world.”

As to what this weapon might be, the Turkish government spokesman, Yalancı Bokoglu, said that NATO sources have been aware for some time that North Korea has been seeking to create nanobots which are a fusion of microscopic robots and bacteria. “Defector statements and satellite evidence agree that Kim’s scientists have been working for years at secret underground laboratories in the hills near Chosin reservoir, and testing their results on labour camp inmates. In fact, so important is this effort that as far as we can tell the entire North Korean nuclear weapons programme is merely a way to divert international attention from it. Apparently, they have achieved enough success that they feel confident enough to use it against the democratic world for the first time.”

“Kim,” the NATO source said, “knows that he can’t use his nuclear weapons without his country being wiped out in retaliation. But he can use these nanobots in sneak attacks, with not just a probability, but almost total certainty, of being able to get away with it. Therefore, he is flexing his muscles.

“While we have not yet been able to discover exactly what these nanobots are like, we do know that they are meant to take over and modify the subjects’ behaviour, to make them act exactly as though they are remote controlled. In effect, the idea is to turn them into biological robots who can be made to commit crimes, acts of sabotage and terrorism, without and even actively against the person’s own natural inclinations.”

A microbiologist at Johns Hopkins, who requested anonymity since she is not authorised to speak to the media, told Rueters how this nanobot would act in the body.

“Almost certainly,” she said, “the nanobots would be inserted into the subject’s body via food or water, whereupon they would burrow through the intestinal wall into the blood, like many parasites. They would then flow through the bloodstream until they reached the brain, whereupon they would settle in the tissues of the cerebral cortex – the grey matter – and begin replicating. Since they are part bacteria, in fact little more than mechanised bacteria, this will not take long. Only one or two nanobots would be enough to completely infest the subject’s brain in only a day or two, and as long as they didn’t send out any signals, the subject would not even know that there was anything wrong.

“Once the bacteria are activated – and they could either be preprogrammed to act in a certain way or more likely by radio signals, which the skull cannot block out - they would begun sending out electrical impulses which would force the host brain to act exactly as the bacteria dictate.

“It sounds like science fiction, but there’s nothing at all impossible about it. Several microorganisms already exist which routinely affect the host’s behaviour patterns, from rabies to Toxoplasma and Trypanosoma.”

Asked about possible countermeasures to the new North Korean bioweapon, the Johns Hopkins microbiologist said it was almost impossible. “Since after reaching the brain, the nanobot bacteria will no longer be travelling around the body, they can’t be detected by a blood test. In fact, there’s no way to detect them without a biopsy of the brain tissue, and mass intra-cranial biopsy of millions of people is obviously impossible.”

Colonel al Khara said that this was an act of biological warfare by Kim Jong Un against what he called the “civilised world”, and could not have been done without the active cooperation of both Assad and his Russian allies.

“The Russian so-called ‘humanitarian aid’ to Syrian civilians,” he said, “is being deliberately infected with these nanobots, and more are being airdropped over sources of water in areas outside regime control. In areas under the control of Assad, the afflicted people will be compelled to demonstrate and even fight in support of the brutal regime. In fact, you can safely assume that all supporters of Assad are controlled by these bacteria. Meanwhile, in areas freed of Assad’s control, the bacteria will infect the civilian population, who will then be at the mercy of Assad and his Russian and North Korean allies.”

Mr Bokoglu said that Assad and Russian president Putin, whose air strikes have, he said, deliberately targeted civilians in order to turn them into “weaponised refugees”, would then compel huge numbers of them, by means of bombardments and air strikes, to migrate into Turkey and seek refuge in Europe. Once they are in Europe, Kim’s nanowarfare division would then, possibly using North Korea’s recently launched satellite, relay radio signals into their brains, causing mass waves of criminal activity, rioting, and terrorism.

“It’s a no-risk act of war by Kim,” Mr Bokoglu said. “It’s almost impossible to bring anything home to him, and in return he would cause a wave of terror across Europe, with huge casualties and a likely rise of anti-refugee sentiment and further weakening and collapse of the European Union, just at the moment at which Turkey is likely to be finally allowed to join.”

Both he and Colonel al Khara emphasised the absolute necessity of overthrowing Assad immediately. “If Assad is gone, there’s no chance of Kim’s weapons finding their way to Turkey and Europe,” they said. “There should be absolutely no hesitation in immediately invading and destroying the regime. Each day we wait is a grave threat to Western civilisation, liberalism and democracy.”

Asked about possible repercussions arising from the large number of likely civilian casualties arising from such an invasion, both spokesmen were unequivocal. “Imagine the terror and suffering of the poor people afflicted with Kim’s nanobots,” they said. “They would be fully aware of what is happening, but unable to control themselves. They would be forced to watch, screaming inside, as they were made to shout slogans in support of their greatest enemy, al Assad, and even vote for him when he holds his next sham election.

“Killing them would be no more than an act of mercy. It would be euthanasia. They would be thanking the bombs and cruise missiles for putting them out of their misery.”

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no great appetite for a regime change invasion among NATO member countries and associates, or from the European Union. “It’s easy to say Assad must be wiped out,” EU spokesman Francois Menteur said in Paris. “But the people he’s infected can keep fighting against us for years or decades afterwards, unless we kill them all. And killing so many people will require a raise in our military budgets which we cannot at this time afford.” Instead, he proposed imposing more sanctions against Syria, Russia and North Korea. “Maybe economic pain will compel them to step back,” he said.

Meanwhile the Johns Hopkins microbiologist had a suggestion. “Improbably enough,” she said, “the radio signals could be blocked out simply by compelling all the refugees to wear tinfoil hats at all times once they are across the Turkish border. Of course, this will have to be rigidly enforced and the refugees supervised at all times to ensure they never take them off, not for a single instant, not even while sleeping or bathing.”

Right wing organisations across Europe have volunteered to supervise the refugees. “Our men,” German Kameradenschaft leader Lügner von Scheisskopf said, “will take full responsibility for ensuring none of them remove the foil hat. If they do, for even one moment, we will...

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