Thursday, 25 February 2016


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  1. The Secretary, Ma Clinton, soon to be the First* Woman President of the US of A, voted for the War in Iraq that, all Americans agree, turned Iraq from a terrible dictatorship into a peaceful and prosperous democratic paradise.

    And the Secretary pushed the wimp Obama to decapitate the Libyan regime, again, as every American reads in every American newspaper, turning Libya from a terrible tyranny into another peaceful, prosperous, democratic paradise.

    And the Secretary ain't no wimp like Obama. She won't tolerate the evil, red-line-crossing Syrian regime. She'll make Syria into a peaceful and prosperous paradise, just like Iraq and Libya. Not to mention Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China.

    Meanwhile, the isolationist Burnie voted against the wars, so we're lucky the Secretary will be there to keep the world peaceful and prosperous, where Burnie would let the evil regimes expand their tyrannies. He'd let China have the entire South Sea, and he'd let Russia keep the Crimea that they stole.

    The Secretary has the huevos to send a Light Brigade and a Nightingale to liberate the Crimea, and a new, clear fleet to liberate the South Sea.



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