Friday, 19 February 2016

Feel the Burn!


  1. Reading entries on Facebook, I have noticed very little about Bernie (Burnie) Sander's foreign policy. When I have pointed this out, people often say Hillary would be worse, or that Bernie is not the perfect candidate but no one is.

    The lack of concern on the part of my friends about Bernie's foreign agenda concerns me. I know what conservatives will do. But I have always hoped that such a "grassroots" movement would include a revolution not just against injustice in the USA but injustice around the world. I don't see that.

    Perhaps at some point Bernie Sanders will come out against the Israeli occupation of Gaza. Perhaps he will speak forcefully against the arms industry in this country. I want him to. My own belief is that he is besotted with the crowds he has attracted just as they are besotted with him. As they gaze at each other, they ignore the rest of the world.

    Which is more than unfortunate.

  2. Senator Sanders is the only candidate that I would vote for, if I could vote in US elections. He does not have Secretary Clinton's credentials as a rabid hawk, and I'll settle for that.

    He strongly supported the war against Afghanistan, which was wrong, but he was in a tiny minority that opposed the war in Iraq, a war that was just as wrong. Secretary Clinton supported both wars.

    Some say 'two wrongs don't make a right,' but one wrong is still better than two.

    The press is trying to make him front-runner, so people will watch, and Secretary Clinton's miraculous victory will impress the voters. But, when one looks at those who can and do vote in US primaries, almost all say they'll vote for Secretary Clinton.

    And she'll be a great president! She'll get rid of the evil Syrian regime, to start. Then the evil Iranian regime. Then the evil North Korean regime. And finally the evil Chinese and Russian regimes.

    And every cockroach on the planet is praying for her to win.



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