Monday 18 January 2016

The Great Big Kashmir Novel Extravaganza: Fidayeen!

Hey guys and dis-guys.

Some time ago, if you recall, I'd said that I had written a novel called Fidayeen, on the separatist insurgency in Kashmir? What, you don't recall it? Well, you can refresh your memory here.

Well, guess what? It is now available for purchase.

I know, I know. You aren't interested in books, or while you're all right with a 3000-word short story, you don't have the patience to wade through a nearly 300-page-long novel. I understand.

However, what about your friends, relatives, and enemies, huh? What if they want to read a 300-page novel on Kashmir and you're depriving them of the opportunity? Could you live with yourself if you did that? Huh? Huh?

[Angry panting sounds as Bill wipes away furious tears.]

Oh, right, you're all willing to buy it now. How sweet of you. Sincerely. I appreciate it.

So where can you buy it?

In India, it is available on:

Amazon (India)

Shop Clues


Pustak Mandi

Or, you know, you can just go downtown and buy it in the book store. They actually still do exist.

I think.

If you're an overseas prospective buyer, don't despair! You can get it direct from the publisher, Amresh Singh of Panther House Publications. Here are the contact details, which involve all the effort of tapping away at a keyboard for a minute or so:

Email him at


 WhatsApp him at +918419850445

And then bloody well read it and review it. It's...the least you can do, and it'll give you an excuse for a blog article too.

Next weekend I should, unless the skies fall - or, you know, I get droned - be in Lucknow to formally release the book. Photos will be, hopefully, taken, and posted here, and you will be expected to see them too.

Gah! What more I have to do to get attention around here - dance naked but for an ISIS flag?

No, that's too much like cruel and unusual punishment, even if you all deserve it. And don't deny that you do.


  1. When I finally publish my book, I'm going to use your author bio. It's much more interesting than my own.

  2. Is it available in the U.S. or Canada?

  3. On order from the publisher - see above.

  4. For USA- 25$-1Book+ Shipping
    For UK- 24$-1Book+Shipping
    For Philippines -48$-1Book+Shipping
    For Canada-27$-1Book+Shipping


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