Wednesday 13 January 2016

I've Had Enough Of Bowiemania

So David Bowie died
And the internet
Went wild.
I’m now going to add my bit
And reveal myself a monster.

I hardly knew who Bowie even was
I never knowingly heard anything by him
And I don’t really give a damn
That he’s dead.

There. That had to be said. 

I did not assume that he, or anyone else
Was immortal.
That’s how much of a monster I am.

And I don’t care about all the grief either.
Not when it’s splashed all over the net
On Facebook and cartoons, when the news and the loons
Find nothing else to say
Day after day after day.

No, I don’t give a damn
That’s how much of a monster I am.

And meanwhile
Saudi Barbaria bombs Yemen
Obama drones children
Liberals plan to vote for Killary Klingon
And zionazi vermin cheer as Palestinian kids
Bleed to death in the street.

Where is all the anguish and grief?

 I've had enough of Bowie
Whoever he was
And that is the truth.
Is how much of a monster


  1. Bravo! There have only been a couple of people whose deaths caused me to grieve. Usually they were non-famous people whose work affected me in some way.

    As for the internet, well, if they haven't experienced it, they don't (mostly) give a crap. And if it happens beyond American borders, it might as well have happened on Mars.

  2. There is the personal, and there is the universal. I refuse to be jaded about the death of an artist I love just because impersonal monsters continue their march of extermination at the same time. And fuck you if you deny me my right to mourn a genius. Enjoy your detachment; I feel for the loss of an artist. CB out.

  3. Sorry, I'm old. Someone said one shouldn't say nice things about the living, save it for the eulogy, so it won't go to their head.

    But once they're deceased, there's no point saying bad things about them.

    I barely knew who Bowie was, and am astounded that every English-language newspaper has more about Bowie than about wars and disasters. But, since he's deceased, it's time for the eulogies.


  4. I think it's clear by now how I felt about Bowie. I felt that way from the moment I saw him. I wish that people who want to mourn him would keep it to themselves. He was not a great person and he wasn't a musical genius. I would much more understand posts about Freddie Mercury. At least he added something meaningful and original to music.


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