Sunday 31 January 2016

Going Viral

And remember, boys and girls, you're racist if you don't believe everything he says!

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  1. Very good. The US/EU newspapers have made it clear that the entire Syrian people are unarmed, peaceful protesters, and at least 260,000 of them were murdered by the evil regime using poison gas, but probably double that number. If President Obama says so, then it must be true, since the US president can never lie (just ask Thrasymachus).

    The evil regime, hated by all Syrians, was almost toppled by the peaceful, unarmed protesters until the evil Russians sent troops to keep the evil regime in power.

    The Daesh was created by the evil Syrian regime that released all its most violent criminals. Abu Bakr is just a fake, the real leader of the Daesh is the Syrian dictator.

    And there is much truth in that story: SOMEONE released a bunch of violent jihadists from Camp Bucca in Iraq, armed them and gave them money to go overthrow the evil Syrian regime. (Not to mention the Saudis releasing and arming violent jihadists from their prisons, provided the jihadists promised to overthrow the evil Syrian regime and never return to Saudi Arabia).

    And someone used poison gas.



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