Friday, 18 December 2015

The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XXVI

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015 


  1. I'll leave that spelling error of "reinterpret" alone. After all, it's Rose's mistake, not mine :)

  2. In fairness to Rose, she's juggling CIA liaisons, oil sales in Turkey, Saudi funding, the orange jumpsuit order that was mistakenly delivered to al-Nusra, etc. etc. —Jim

  3. You do realise that this comment of yours is going to be used to build up at least one more strip/movie episode?

    I would no longer be quite surprised if ISIS comes up with a "Rose" for public relations work. Might even be called Rose.

  4. I think these are really well done and are very enjoyable. I wish they would reach a wider audience, but how would that be done?

    1. Maybe someone could actually make the movie.

  5. If she can straighten out the jumpsuit order, she deserves to have a real existence—albeit something better than public relations for ISIS. Jihadi Colin got one for his haberdashery, so there's a precedent already in place.—jim

  6. Hey Bill, when did you take up cartooning? I must confess that at first I wondered why Lawrence of Arabia was drinking out of a tiki mug, but then I clued in. D'oh! Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday!


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