Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Baby Boomers

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  1. I doubt it's possible to get a better summary and analysis than this. I note as well that once again the advertisers/sponsors got their money's worth. I hope they're grateful.—Jim

  2. Thanks to the great Western press, one gets blogs like this one:

    I haven't seen your version of what really happened anywhere else.

    Unlike Syria where the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist Hersh showed where the poison gas came from, when we know it HAD to be from the evil Syrian regime, since there is so much money to be made by decapitating it and replacing it with a good, honest Salafist government as the great coalition of the US/EU/Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Israel is working very hard to accomplish. (And this will also completely rid the world of the Daesh, since they'll no longer be the Daesh, but the legitimate government of Syria.)

    Do you have any references?

    The story that's seeping up through the Western press is that the husband had been badly bullied at work, went to the Christmas party, was badly bullied until he'd had too much, went home, got his wife, and went back. But that's taken a far back seat to the official story that the couple were members of the Daesh who had been planning their terrorist attack for years, and gives us another good reason for never giving a Muslim a fiancée visa.



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