Wednesday 4 November 2015

The Great Big ISIS Movie Extravaganza Part XXIII

Copyright B Purkayastha 2015


  1. Funny, it is. Difficult it is, satire to do. These days.

  2. Many thanks for your support. At least one poster said I should have been banned for the post about a Lester cartoon that China had given Obama a wedgie. I wrote that Lester was absolutely right, all Obama did was send a US Navy ship to sail where China said it was prohibited, which was clearly wimpy, and we need a great president like the Clintons to nuke the Chinks.

    He said having our great ex-Secretary referring to the Chinese in a disrespectful manner was clearly prohibited, and the moderators were right to ban me.

    Once, they just deleted every single post from someone who was banned. Now they try to delete every post replying to someone who is banned, but they missed a few of those (they got most of them).


    1. I have an additional GoComics account which I don't use. If you want I can give it to you.

    2. Dear Bill,

      Many thanks. There was a poster called Dr Canuck. gocomics banned him. He went PRO. They took his money, but he was still banned. He created new accounts, but his style was distinctive, and after a day or two, the new accounts were all vanished.

      The only way I care to post is from the perspective I've been posting from, which would get your unused account vanished immediately, if not sooner.

      Officially, Syria is being run by a mad dictator. The Syrians are not allowed any weapons, so he's killed 250,000 innocent, unarmed protesters, and MUST be stopped. The evil Syrian dictator created the Daesh all by himself (I like the name Daesh, or as they've changed it, I like 'the DA' even better), and as soon as the US kills him off, the DA will no longer have any reason to exist and will vanish (the US will, of course, have to demand that, after they become the rulers of all Syria, the DA must hand over someone they say is Jihadi John to be tried, convicted, and executed --not necessarily in that order--for killing 3 Americans and posting the videos to YouTube). We're about the only two posting on gocomics who know this is not altogether true. The New York Times keeps repeating this story over and over, as do the British newspapers except for one or two, as do the other European newspapers, including Norwegian ones that I know of, so how can anybody think he knows more that our top reporters and experts and governments? I don't think I know more, but I do know enough to know they're lying, and I was hoping to spread the word. They can delete individual posts, but once they've decided to vanish a poster, it's very hard to be allowed back.



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