Saturday 14 November 2015

Je Ne Suis Pas Paris

Pretty much the entire world has now been deluged in the information that someone committed a rash of attacks in Paris, France, on Friday the 13th November. The attacks, allegedly, involved the use of multiple “suicide belts”, mass shootings, and hostage takings.

The first question, of course, before anyone even asks who is responsible, is how could this ever happen? How could any nation,  which has allegedly been on high alert since the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year, miss such a complex plot being readied? It can’t have been set up overnight, after all; you don’t gather five, or seven, or whatever figure the French government pulls out of the air, suicidal attackers from nowhere; you don’t plan detailed attacks without extensive reconnaissance, training, and – if history is anything to go by – dry runs as well.

These attacks, in other words, were not the actions of “lone wolves”, or even homemade “terrorists” like the July 2005 London train bombers; they were planned, directed, financed, and organised by somebody. And such planning, organisation, and financing always leaves a trail; a trail which ought to be picked up by any competent intelligence agency.

In fact, by any reasonable circumstances at all, these attacks could not have happened without someone, somewhere, in an official position getting to know of them. This would be especially true of a country which “suffered” a “terrorist attack” only in January, and was on alert. It therefore leaves only the following options:


The French security services were utterly incompetent, despite their phone tapping, data collection and all the rest of the snooping any “democratic” regime routinely carries out on its citizens,


They knew these attacks were going to happen, but chose, for their own reasons, to let them go ahead anyway,


They actively helped organise and carry out the attacks, with or without the knowledge of the actual perpetrators; in other words, it was a false flag operation.

There is no fourth explanation.

At the moment of writing, I do not know who these attackers were, and nor, to be frank, do I greatly care. From the modus operandi, one might take it that they’re “jihadists”, but they might also be, for example, the anti-Iran terrorist organisation Mujahideen e Khalq, which the US State Department declared not to be a terror organisation, and which has a presence in France. It could, of course, be ISIS. It could be al Qaeda. It could be any of the many, many other terrorist organisations that sprawl all across the huge mass of territory that is itself terrorised by France.

Did I say that there’s territory terrorised by France? Yes, that is exactly what I said.

Here’s only a partial list from the recent past:

1. In Francophone Africa, France still militarily occupies its former colonies, and closely controls their policies. It exacts a colonial tax from them. No government which may be independent of French influence is tolerated. On the other hand, regimes friendly to France can get away with whatever they want. The Hutu-on-Tutsi part of the Rwanda Genocide of the early 1990s, for instance, was watched over by the then Rwandan regime’s patron, France, which lifted not a finger to halt the massacres. (Meanwhile, the Tutsi-on-Hutu slow motion genocide in that same country has been watched over benevolently by the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, but that’s a different story.)

2. Haiti, a former French slave colony, is the most desperately impoverished nation in the Western hemisphere. Why? Because when, in the early 1800s, the great revolutionary Toussaint l’Ouverture launched the slave rebellion that drove out the French, Napoleon demanded that the new nation pay compensation to France for the loss of slave labour, or face invasion and reoccupation – a compensation which  is still being exacted to this day, more than two hundred years later.

3. Libya, in 2011, was a modern, progressive nation with a high standard of living and a solid socioeconomic base. So what happened to Libya? Using the (faked) excuse of a (nonexistent) imminent massacre in Benghazi, France, along with its fellow war criminal nations of the European Union, and of course with the full military support of the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, deliberately misinterpreted a UN resolution and used it as a pretext to destroy the government. France, in effect, acted as the air force of a disparate collection of jihadi scum, who have now vivisected that country and are fighting among each other.

4. Syria, in 2011, was another modern, progressive nation with a high standard of living and a solid socioeconomic base. Just as in Libya, France, along with its fellow EU war criminal nations, lent its full throated support to a disparate collection of jihadi scum, declared that the legitimate president of Syria, Bashar Assad, “should not be there on this earth”, and would have eagerly joined in bombing that nation if only the blood soaked Amerikastani mass murderer and warmonger-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, had not backed down when his own Congress refused to go along with his nefarious scheme of another bombing campaign in support of al Qaeda.

5. In Ukraine, France, along with its fellow EU war criminal nations, helped to overthrow the legitimate government of Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, and helped to hand that nation over to a cabal of oligarchs and out and out Nazis. When the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine rebelled against this Nazi regime, France – accusing Russia of instigating said rebellion – imposed economic sanctions on Moscow and reneged on the delivery of ships Russia had paid for. Only when the rebels began a massive offensive which sent the official army of Ukraine and its out and out Nazi militia allies reeling back in defeat did France go rushing to broker a truce.

6. In Egypt, France openly backs a military dictator who has used anti-aircraft weapons on peaceful protestors and has had his opponents sentenced to death en masse. It has also agreed to sell said military dictator the ships that were supposed to have been delivered to Russia.

7. In Yemen, the single poorest nation in the Arab world, the Wahhabi terrorist state of Saudi Barbaria has been conducting a war of aggression for over half a year. This Saudi Barbarian regime, which also beheads people for “witchcraft”, openly backs jihadi groups, and has sentenced a teenager to crucifixion, is a regular recipient of French armaments, which it then uses to bomb weddings and schools, houses and civilians of all descriptions.

8. In its own territory, France actively racially discriminates against citizens of Arab origin, who are forced into slums under conditions that can be distinguished  from apartheid by name alone.

9. In January 2015, the aforesaid “satirical” magazine Charlie Hebdo, which in most nations would be known as a hate speech rag, was, as I’ve mentioned, attacked by “terrorists”.  The government of France organised an international “march” in support of the magazine, and then paid taxpayer money to subsidise Charlie Hebdo’s increased print run, thereby associating itself with this rag’s hate speech.

As an example of recent “satire” by Charlie Hebdo, here are a few cartoons by this “satirical” organ on the crash of a Russian passenger plane over Sinai, most likely due to a bomb. I am posting these with apologies to the relatives of the victims - not to mock them, but to show what a despicable hate rag Charlie Hebdo is.

Here’s what it had said about the Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terror group, depicting them as welfare queens:

I wonder if Charlie Hebdo will be willing to do a “satirical” cartoon or three on the Paris attacks? Somehow I don’t think so!

The contemptible British liberal propaganda rag, The Guardian, suggested recently that the putative bomb on the Russian plane over Sinai was the “price” of Putin’s “military adventurism” in Syria. Will the same liberalaganda rag now say that the Paris attacks were the “price” of French “military adventurism” over Libya and Syria?

Don't hold your breath.

Apparently, the blood soaked war criminal Barack Hussein Obama has already declared that

We’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize (sic) innocent civilians, this is an attack not just on Paris, it is an attack not just on the people of France, but it is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share 

Where was the BSWCBHO’s outrage at the bombing, for instance, of a Yemeni wedding just a few weeks ago by his Saudi Barbarian vassals where over a hundred and forty people were killed? Where was his outrage when his Zionazi owners were murdering thousands of Palestinians in Gaza last year? Did he even say a word about the victims of the Russian plane crash, if it indeed was by a bomb? Why is his “outrage” so selective?

As my friend Ronald Thomas West says:

Why didn’t Obama, Hollande and company consider allowing the rise of Islamic State as a device to overthrow Assad was “an outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians [and] an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share” ?

At this point it’s usually good form to state that one feels sorry for the people killed, who after all are innocents; but I don’t see that this need unnecessarily delay us. Consider it said, as long as you remember that tomorrow the names and identities of the individual dead and injured people will be forgotten – but the government of France, owing to whose negligence and/or active connivance (see above) the attacks occurred, will use them with all its might to pursue its own nefarious aims.

Remember these words of mine; remember them well:

Tomorrow, those innocent dead French people will be forgotten. They will have no names or faces. But they will be a number, a number which the criminal racist imperialist government of France will use as a shield to deflect criticism as it murders a thousand times as many innocents.

To sum up:

Je ne suis pas Paris.

I do not stand with the government of France, which has directly and repeatedly armed, trained, financed, and by direct military means abetted jihadists from Libya to Syria. I do not stand with the government of France, which still colonises Francophone Africa in all but name. I do not stand with the government of France, which paid to propagate the hate-speech rag Charlie Hebdo. I do not stand with the government of France, which confines its Arab citizens to slums in conditions that only in name differ from apartheid. I do not stand with the government of France, which still extorts "compensation" from desperately poor Haiti for the loss of slave labour over two hundred years ago. I do not stand with the government of France, whose support to Nazis in Ukraine should shame any nation worth the name. I do not stand with the government of France, whose policies have brought about this attack.

And, of course, I do not apologise for the above statements.

Thank you for your attention.

Update: I just love people who say that these attacks shouldn't be "politicised", as though they just appeared out of nowhere, or were some kind of natural phenomenon like a tsunami or an earthquake. And even those, of course, can and should be politicised sometimes in case of governmental negligence and/or inaction. The attacks, whoever carried them out, were of course, political acts, and the French governmental response is also a political act. How can anyone even discuss them without going into the causes why they occurred, and how can one go into the causes without coming up against the culpability of the French government in making them, by its own criminal actions, inevitable?


  1. the attack was coming - theres no doubt about that because France is due to host the next G20 summit. The TIMING was brought forward because of Cameron's comments

    Today's Telegraph

    Summary: what we know so far
    MI5 is on high alert amid fears that Isil fanatics are already plotting revenge attacks for the reported killing of Jihadi John in a drone strike in Raqqa, Syria.
    The communications of known sympathisers are being monitored closely as surveillance is stepped up to prevent a terrorist outrage in revenge for the operation which is now widely acknowledged to have resulted in the death of Mohammed Emwazi– who as Jihadi John – earned global notoriety.

    1. I don't believe a word about "plotting revenge for Jihadi John", assuming he is even dead. All these days we've been drip-fed "news" that he's turned against ISIS, that he's on the run from them, etc, and now he's suddenly a major ISIS leader whose demise they intend to avenge? And that's even without mentioning the ridiculous Amerikastani claim that he was "vapourised".

  2. One word: "Gladio"


  3. The real conspirators are those people of all faiths who tell people that 'faith' is a good thing, so permitting these extremists an excuse for their antisocial behaviour. 'Faith' is not a good thing. The idea that faith is a good thing is probably the single most harmful idea that religions and their priesthoods have inflicted on mankind. Faith is what makes good people do bad things because they believe a magic man in the sky requires them to, and they have abdicated their own moral responsibility for their own actions and depend on the 'faith' to dictate their lives.

  4. Bill, I have to say that some of this Charlie Hebdo stuff is some of the creepiest I've ever seen - hard to stomach. Really, it's also hard to stomach that they and their class are going to cry bloody murder because the chickens of class hatred have come home to roost.

  5. JE SUIS USA-ISIS!!! - The "Why?" is pretty obvious:

  6. usual. To which I'd only add my own, far less eloquent, contribution:

    Fuck the French!!

    Because I remember that thirty years ago this year, France conducted its own act of state-sponsored terror on a Western ally... New Zealand... while other members of the free, democratic "non-communist" western alliance turned a blind eye to the deed and helped France escape with impunity.

    I'm referring to the attack on the Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior, which was bombed by ridiculously inconpetent French secret service agents while it was berthed in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand and while 11 crew members slept inside. One of them, Portuguese-born crew member, Fernando Pereira, died as a result.

    The French were caught red-handed, charged and imprisoned by the New Zealand police.

    The French, however, used economic and diplomatic warfare to pressure New Zealand. When it became obvious that the French had muscled the EU into slapping a boycott on New Zealand agricultural products, New Zealand had to put priority on saving its economy, so the prisoners were all soon back in France. One of them is the brother of the current Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal.

    The perpetrators and the French intelligence and political establishment remain unapologetic to this very day, and have always maintained their attitude of an entitlement to impunity.

    So yeah.... Fuck the French.

    1. Yes, I remember the Rainbow Warrior. The Indian newspapers, which back then weren't slavish like they are today, ran a front page cartoon of the sunken ship with Miterrand sitting astride, both arms raised showing V signs, saying "I am not le crook." I can't even imagine the papers doing any such thing now.

  7. I always distinguish between the old and the new and much improved The old printed filth, an obscenity so vile I cannot write its name, but it's 5 letters that starts with Tr and ends with th. The published Snowden's report and called him a 'whistleblower'. The new never prints that vile obscenity that got the shut down, and now tell us what we need to know: Snowden is a traitor. The US is like a good father, benevolently watching over all of us, killing the evil to protect the good. Snowden, by giving away this secret, just made it easier for the evil ones to avoid the benevolent scrutiny of the US to carry out their evil schemes.

    Angela was angry when she first read Snowden's report, but as soon as Obama called and said, 'I know all about your conversation with Heinz,' she said, 'Germany is very grateful to the US for watching over us and keeping us safe, and we hate that traitor Snowden and will do our best to help the US bring him to justice.'

    So good people everywhere are glad the UK government shut down the evil and replaced it with the good



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