Monday 9 March 2015

Word Of The Day No. 5



Definition: A banana republic whose only export is war, and where the population is brainwashed from childhood to believe that it is an exceptional entity to which international laws and norms of behaviour do not apply. Especially true if its form of government is one where the voter is compelled to choose between two identical parties and candidates, which are legally allowed to be purchased by corporate donors, and which still pretends to be a democracy.

Synonyms: Imperialism, neo-colonialism, warmongering, military-industrial complex, hypocrisy.

Etymology: From part of the name of the United States of America, the entity which was consumed and taken over by a corporate-political-military nexus and transformed into the exemplar of the said subtype of banana republic; and -stan, for Land.

Example: “Amerikastan has just invaded another inoffensive and defenceless nation in support of jihadist cannibal headhunters?” he exclaimed. “How many does that make?”


Coined by: B Purkayastha


  1. Yes, but it's still home sweet home.

  2. Now just hold on there a minute you nasty heathen. (That is meant as a compliment Bill. I am a self described heathen myself. If that offends you, I apologize, honestly.) The gummint of the US of A, or as I have been calling this country of my birth for many years now, 'Merikkka is the country that put the HIP in hypocrisy. Yes, I know there is no "hip" in the word, but this IS 'Merikkka and spelling don't count…….that is supposed to be a self-depricating joke Bill. As a country, 'Merikkka is so damn stupid, it thinks being so stupid is the height of "cool" or as the kids used to say (I have no idea if they still use this spelling) "kewl".
    Don't mess with the US of A or "we" just might bring democracy to your country, as "we" did to Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and the lists just goes on and on…….hey, there are not quite 200 separate countries in the world, so the list cannot be endless ya know. (That last bit was more sarcasm/snark)


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