Tuesday 27 January 2015

Child Abuse

Title: Child Abuse.
Material: Acrylic and Watercolour on Plaster.
Copyright B Purkayastha 2015

Back in 2012 I'd written a poem called Child Soldier:

I’m ten years old, sir
I’m all of ten years old
And all I know how to do, sir
Is what I’ve been told.

I have never read a book, sir
And on a blackboard all I’ve ever seen
Is the pattern of a minefield, sir
And the inside of an M16.

I do what I’m told, sir
I do what I’m told
And if you tell me to be bold sir
Why then I will be bold

If you tell me it’s right sir
It's fine to slash and kill, why then I would
Because if you tell me something sir
It’s an order received and understood.

I wonder if it’s right sir
To pity the children soft and weak
While I play with life and death, sir
They just play hide and seek.

Childhood, why that’s a dream, sir
That’s a dream over and done
And maybe I’ll have a rest, sir
When you tell me your war is won. 

IN this painting I used the green background to symbolise youth, and also to set it off against the green uniform of the child soldier. The black cloud around him is self-explanatory.

The problem with plaster is that it's difficult to scan (note the blurring on lower right) and a photo does not really show the texture. I'm coming round to the view that for complex paintings paper is a better medium, while for highly textured ones I will use plaster.

As always, painting is highly cathartic and the best way of releasing stress I have open to me at this time.


  1. The poem reminds me to the old anti-war songs of Bob Dylan, Donovan or Buffy St Marie. Maybe it should be sung?

    I like the boy, one can see the youth, the disillusion, the unhappiness. The surrounding is a bit too raw for my taste.

  2. Great illustration for your poem (and political statement).

  3. Very good poem and artwork, Bill.


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