Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Word Of The Day No. 4



Definition: A nation-state built on land taken by force from another, the existence of whose original inhabitants is denied, and whose remnants are forced into open air concentration camps which are routinely attacked and civilians massacred on trumped-up pretexts. Especially true if the excuse given for the original territorial grab is that a murderous, genocidal deity gave the land to one side; and the evidence provided is a mythological book written in the Bronze Age.

Synonyms: Colony, Imperialism, Nazism, Land Shark, Mobocracy.

Etymology: From Zionism, the anti-Jewish movement planning to create a fascist homeland outside Europe where all Jews would have to submerge their religious and personal identities in a new national straitjacket, and –stan, for Land.

Example: Zionistan falsely claims that any criticism of its criminal and apartheid policies is a racist attack on all Jews, even though there are many Jews who are deeply opposed to it.

                                                                                           Coined by: B Purkayastha


  1. Tide is turning against Zionist apartheid. And against US support of it.

  2. Interesting new word Bill. I will still refer to it as the zionist entity or just the entity. I have done so for many years now at while even at 66 I can change, I see no need to do so in this case.
    One day in the not so distant future, more of the sleeping sheeple in 'Merikkka here will wake up and demand this country stop all support of the vile entity. I doubt I'll live to see it, but I am certain it will happen.
    Yeah, I can even be a bit optimistic as well.


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