Thursday, 22 May 2014

Stop the Persecution of the Cannibal Headhunters of Lesser Jihadistan!

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The Cannibal Headhunters of Lesser Jihadistan are under threat for no fault of their own but the exercise of their traditional rights. Demand that the government of Syria immediately stop targeting them!

Stop the Massacre of the Cannibal Headhunters Immediately!

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Dear Friends,

For over three years now, the Cannibal Headhunters of Lesser Jihadistan have been unfairly and criminally targeted by the government of Syria. These poor men have been besieged in their cities, with all access to food and medical attention restricted. They have been subject to shelling from artillery, armoured assaults, and air strikes using barrel bombs.  

Their “crime”? Beheading their prisoners and eating their hearts and livers.

This is just the latest attempt by the Syrian government to suppress all dissent and rebellion in the country, just as they did ever since the start of last year, when they stormed and captured towns where freedom fighters like the Cannibal Headhunters were merely following their traditional pursuits of sexual enslavement, massacre, looting and destruction. Just like the Cannibal Headhunters, they were standing up for what they believed in -- and the Syrian government punished them for it.

The Cannibal Headhunters have been opposing the Syrian government from the start. They put their own lives on hold to flood to Syria from all parts of the world, taking great pains – such as flying to Turkey first class and being given funds and training there – to get to the scene of action. And this is what the Syrian government is calling "terrorism." 

The Cannibal Headhunters are the sons of anxious parents across the world, and they have friends and siblings, funders and trainers, politicians and military alliances, who are desperate for their welfare and success. It is absolutely unconscionable that they are being persecuted for no other reason than the practice of their inalienable traditional rights.

Tell the Syrian Government to stop massacring the Cannibal Headhunters immediately!

Thank you for taking action,

   M A Neater                                                         Blare2 and TheSeditionSite team.

[Ok, I did this because I am completely and totally sick of clicktivists and clicktivism. It’s gone beyond annoyance and become something that rouses in me a hatred equal to a million suns. If you have a pet project, do not ask me to sign it. Do not even inform  me of its existence. Because my sympathies will automatically be against it, whatever it is about. Thank you.

                                                                                                               ~ Bill. ]


  1. I've been very, very active on this issue. I've liked this story on facebook and did some sort of hashtag thing, too. It makes a big difference, and this is obviously an incredibly important issue that I'm sure someone has researched in order to confirm.

  2. Bill, Well, I suppose that it is a good thing that I have no "pet projects" then. Since you have posted this, IF I ever was foolish enough to have a "pet project" I'll make sure I never ask you to support it nor will I even let you know that I have such a critter.
    OK, the above was a bit of /sarcasm, but I DO understand where you are coming from. I agree that the "idea" of silly petitions and such are beyond disgusting. Most of them are totally useless and some are so off the wall that one wonders how they got any decent site to post their silly assed petition/request for support.
    I also agree that what you term "clicktivism" is all too easy. Gee, how "brave" some people are, they signed some odd ball online petition. Big damn deal.


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