Monday, 14 April 2014

The Sea of Suns

One night I woke as from a dream
Of the skies red with reflected flames
And screaming in the streets
Of “Death To,”
“Down With” –
Of raised hands holding
Holy books and flashing swords,
And fire raining from the skies
From death-robots flying on high.

I woke, and went to the window
Looked out at the sky.

Out where uncounted galaxies
Blaze with a billion billion stars
Quasars pumping X rays into the void
Black holes gulping the slow-crawling
Gravity-bent radio beams and rays of light;
Things stranger than anything that can be imagined
Dark matter and energy
Pulsars like the heartbeat of space and time.

The nurseries of the Cosmos -
Monster-clouds of dust and gas
Birthing stars anew.
A hundred million trillion worlds
Filled with wonder, filled with mystery
And meaning for me and for you.

I stood looking out into the void
And from the corner of my eye
Watched as men with guns, drones with rockets
And companies with bulldozers and bank accounts
Told us how we must live and die.

Copyright B Purkayastha 2014


  1. Strong and well-written, Bill. Wish we could get to those distant stars, but perhaps the same powers would rule.

  2. Bill, Very good, very thoughtful poem with powerful images that tell it exactly like it is.

  3. Bill, this has seriously got to me - all I can do is share this and hope it moves a lot more people out there.


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