Wednesday 19 March 2014

Word Of The Day No. 3



Definition: The process of having one's national economy taken over by the European Union, with enforcement of "austerity measures", resulting in high unemployment, end to all fiscal freedom and inevitable impoverishment. Highly likely to include the replacement of the legitimate government by subversion and violence.

Synonyms: hostile takeover, coup, economic imperialism, corporatocracy.

Etymology: From European Union, EU, and Greek thanatos, death.

Example: “That country has a simmering financial crisis and is not part of a security alliance with the US. It’s a prime candidate for  EUthanasia.”

EUthanasia in action: Kiev

Coined by: B Purkayastha


  1. I wish I could change it, it's not in my name. :-(

  2. Brilliant. It will go into our Bill-inspired lexicon along with 'Killary Klingon' and 'coalition of the killing'.

  3. Bill, great definition, also 100% correct. Thanks.

  4. Bill, We included a link to your delicious word of the day on our website. Hope you don't mind.

  5. Bill, we hope you don't mind that we posted a link to this post on our blog this week.


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