Thursday 13 March 2014

Purkayastha's Believe It Or Not No. 1

Amazingly, one can be a left-wing liberal and supporter of gay rights, and still despise Barack Obama for the terrorist-supporting, mass-murdering, hypocritical, imperialist, corporate shill and blood-soaked war criminal he is. One doesn't even have to be white and/or racist to detest him for all this. 

That is your Purkayastha's Believe It Or Not for the day.

You're welcome.

(This is dedicated to all the wonderful self-professed liberal people who suddenly develop an allergy to me when I say what I honestly feel, whether openly or via my comic strip, about the Nobel Peace Prizident and Supreme Warmonger in Chief. Again, you're welcome. )


  1. I can't think of a recent American President who couldn't be described with those words, especially from the prespective of someone outside the U.S. Domestically, he is far superior to the alternatives, IMO. And most Americans aren't thinking of how the President they vote for will impact other countries' fates. We're selfish like that.

    1. Domestically, yeah. But even there, he is on record singing the praises of Bush's Patriot Act (over the objections of fellow Democrats such as Dick Durbin), and that was before he even signed the NDAA into law. He's glad Manning is locked up. He would very much like to see Snowden locked up.

      Foreign policy is what I care most about, though, since it usually directly determines whether innocent people live or die. (Or survive, but wind up in horrible pain or with parts of their bodies blown off or mutilated.) And on that front, Obama's been very aggressive. Sure, maybe using drones instead of armies means fewer American casualties, but the question still needs to be asked "Did you even need to use military force here at all?" It's my opinion that in many cases, perhaps most cases, it wasn't necessary, it didn't do anything to make the American people safer. It was just a way of sending a message to Al Qaeda and anybody who supports them that "We will kill you if you are a member of this organization that orchestrated 9/11". That's my guess, anyway.

      I'm gonna make another guess: the more you use tactics like that and in the process kill people who have nothing to do with Al Qaeda, the more survivors will have a reason to hate you. Some of those survivors might grow up to be terrorists who target the U.S. in any way they can. "Why do they hate us?" was a question asked 13 years ago. Well, stuff like this is one reason, I'm positive.

  2. I don't think that the corporate advertising-fest that currently calls itself the American political system can - particularly at the presidential level - produce a winning candidate who is worth a damn.

    Every one of the major Presidential candidates - everyone who's had a snowball's chance in hell of winning - in recent years have all agreed on the Big Issues. International "free trade," the role of corporations and military contractors, exploitation of most of the southern hemisphere, the US role in the world, the basic tents of federalism. The same sorts of corporate CEO-types have headed up the important Cabinet positions - revolving doors between the top positions in the public and private sector.

    Of course, I'm sure he'll look like a populist teddy bear compared to whomever comes next. They do seem to get worse and worse...

  3. I'm a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S. who voted for Obama in 2008 because I thought he would do a 180 on Bush administration policies, or at least a 90. This did not happen. I didn't vote for anybody in 2012. Got into an argument over this with a relative of mine who felt that I had a duty to vote, even if I hated both candidates to varying degrees. But I couldn't bring myself to, because then I'd feel partly responsible for whatever that candidate did as president, even if I just contributed one tiny little vote toward making it happen.

    Anyway yes, Obama has plenty of innocent blood on his hands, just like Bush. And so does Clinton, I think. So does George H.W. Bush. So did Reagan. I guess maybe Carter didn't, but I could be wrong? Maybe when you're sworn into office you stop caring about collateral damage and start thinking the best way to solve most problems is with military force. Or maybe only people who consider civilians on the other side of the word expendable are cutthroat enough to succeed in national politics. I don't know...

  4. Bill, back before his first campaign for president got really rolling, a cousin of mine told me via email that he really liked what Gobomber was saying. I replied by asking him directly just WHAT did Gobomber say that so impressed him. He could never tell me anything at all. Just that he "talked better than W. Shrub." See what it took for him to get elected back in 2008? He wasn't Shrub, he spoke in clear, coherent sentences, in plain English. Another empty suit, a pawn/prostitute for Wally Street, City of London, the vile international banksters and other assorted "defense" contractors and corporate types. In short, a tool of/for the super rich.
    In many ways he is worse than Shrub/Cheney. He has "decided" that he can kill anybody, anywhere, at any time, in any place. Yes, even an American citizen and his teenage son. Oh, and he does not even feel the need to explain those kills, but when he does stoop to tell us common folks, it is usually some bullshit about "national security".
    He fooled a large number of people in the US, and around the globe in 2008, he still fooled a majority of US voters in 2012 to get re-elected.
    I knew within six months or less when Billy Bob Bubba won the office for his first term that he and Hi-Larry were a huge disappointment. I got suckered into voting for Clintstone back then, because he was from my generation. It was "our" turn to govern the US of A. What a waste old Billy was and still is, the guy will not go away.
    Gobomber, the drone king, our (ig)Nobel Piece Prizident is an even bigger disappointment to more people than old Billy was. So many minority people in the US of A were 100% certain that Gobomber was "their" guy in the White House. Oh man, did they get taken for a ride!
    How many remember the great speech the drone king gave in Cairo back after he was elected the first time? The entire world was taken in by his sweet talk. The Arab world was delighted at his words. Oh, but his actions, his actions. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Oh do they ever. Look at the actions of the drone king, piece prizident, droning to death innocent wedding parties, funerals, and even children gathering fire wood or herding sheep/goats.
    I could go on much longer, but this is your blog Bill, so I'll quit for now.
    I appreciate your opinion Bill, honest I do.


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