Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A couple of words for everyone

To start with, I would like to apologise to everyone for the lack of posts in the recent past – especially to you, Charlie Ehlen, because unlike most others who read me you aren’t connected to me elsewhere and aren’t aware that things haven’t been going well with me for a while.

Actually, “not going well with me” is an understatement. In the last month and a half – since mid-November – I have gone through pure, undiluted hell. I don’t want to whine about my personal problems here, but I’ll just say that psychological torment of the kind I have been through (and am still going through) I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

Starting today, however, the Butcher Shop is again open for business. It’s not just the symbolism, if that is what it is, of starting again on the New Year. It’s the little fact that I need to start creating again or go crazy (and I am not far from that). I have no desire to get seriously suicidal, and I have not been far from that, either.

However, I do need readers – and comments. Please, if you read anything I’ve taken the time to write, leave a word about what you think. I’m hanging on by my fingertips here, and I don’t want to let go.

Thanks for the understanding, and your patience.


  1. Bill, I've missed the Butcher Shop. Glad you're back!!!!

  2. thoughts of her life journey,
    turning as the pages of a book
    thinking of home so far away …

    everyday a fresh mask she wears in public
    years go by and she does not understand this place,
    nor is she accepted without her smiling mask

    she reminds herself she is not accidental
    she is not less valuable because of her beliefs
    fighting to keep her dignity, wondering if she is mad

    she lights a candle in her quiet, humble home
    candle light flickers across the dark TV screen
    empty of thought, just watching the images of her life,
    dance across the empty screen …

    Nonna’s beautiful face appears,
    comforting her in a mere flicker of a moment …

    “all are our brothers and sisters in this dance
    human beings tend to forget this …
    our sense of separateness is just an illusion

    you are not mad love, you are part of existence,
    and existence cares for you”

    © Carina D

    am hanging on here too, don't leave me

  3. Now I have to go and read some things.

    1. Hey, Chris. If you haven't read a lot of his stuff before, dive into some of the longer fantasy pieces. They are always worth the time!

  4. Bill,
    Great to read your words once again.
    Sir, I count you as a friend, even though we have never met in person and likely never will.
    You owe me zero Bill. This is your site and you are free to post at any rate you decide to. As for why you have not been very active recently, that is none of my business. I do get concerned when there is a long gap. So much is going on around the world and at times I do fear for your safety and this applies to many others who post on the interwebs. We don't get much real news of the various regions of India here in the (not so very) old US of A, so what I do find is often not very encouraging news. There seems to be a good deal of unrest in parts of your country, not that it is so much different from many other nations, even here where I live.
    I DO think you are a master story teller and if this world was even remotely fair, you'd be a published author and well known world wide. OK, that is MY opinion of your work. Note, I was just a machinist, NOT any sort of literature critic or in any way a professional literary type person. I just know a damn good story, fiction or non-fiction, when I read it. As the opinions of others, well, that is why we call it opinion, they vary, greatly.
    I do hope your life is the best it can be, but in this I do not single you out for any "special" treatment. I honestly wish ALL people have the best life they can. Having seen war all to up close and very personal, I am 100% convinced that war is the MOST pornographic thing we humans have ever invented and I fear for the safety of ALL who get caught up in it, with the exception of those who wish for and start wars. They can go and piss UP a rope.
    The other thing, I am also 100% convinced that organized religion is THE worst invention humans have ever made. Organized religion is responsible for so much death and needless suffering world wide .
    As has been said by a much smarter person than I'll ever be; we will finally have peace when the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. That is not a direct quote of course.
    Bill I wish you and ALL who stop by your site the very best, not just today or because it is New Years Day, but because I honestly do want all the damn fool, useless, idiotic wars of choice/religion to end, NOW.
    Enough of the stupidity of war for any reason.
    Smedley Butler said it best way back in the 1930's. He said there are only two reasons for war. 1) to defend our homes. 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. We could change that a bit and say that 2) is to defend the UN human rights charter. Sorry, I don't have the exact title of that statement right now. Too old/lazy to look it up.
    Stay safe and well my old friend.
    p.s. Sorry to ramble on so long, but as I had stated on the old blog of mine, I DO talk way too much.

  5. Nice to see you open for business again. Keep hanging on, I've a feeling most of us are hanging on one way or another.......and hopefully the new year will be a new beginning. Happy New Year Bill :-)

  6. We've talked about this elsewhere, but I have felt like that for basically the last year and a half. From a biographical standpoint, my life is largely a miserable failure. However, I REALLY enjoy writing, even if only a few people read it.

    The fact that the rest of my life is such that i have the ability to spend time writing MAKES the rest of my life bearable.

    For this reason, it is always a bonus when people read my stuff - and when someone seems to understand what I'm saying.

    This is life. And it's as good as the other versions of it!

  7. Well, oops, I thought I had commented but apparently not. Glad you are writing, I need to comment more. Tight, well-done writing, well-researched, not the pap one gets on other sites, bookstores, etc. Too often I just think "marvelous" and then move on. Sorry.

  8. So glad that you are back!
    Was missing you my friend!
    Wish you every happiness your heart desires. Please don't stop writing & I hope that none of your patients felt the grunt of your personal pain in their treatments!
    Jokes aside, I sincerely pray for your peace of mind.

  9. Here's a hug. I've missed your comments on my blog. I can't imagine why you'd want the likes of me leaving comments on yours, but I'll be happy to oblige.

  10. Hi Bill. I'm still here also. I am always more interested in reading your more personal posts such as this one. Your blog updates are always on my homepage, actually yours is the only one I care to have on there. I hope I'm not out of line saying that I really miss your posts and photos of your kids. I have a lot going on here at home too, but hang in there with all the rest of us.

  11. Avid reader of your blog - hope you will be able to sort yourselves out.


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