Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mullah al-Killah

(To be sung to the tune of Rasputin by BoneyM.)

There lived a terrorist in Syria not long ago
He was big and tall and his beard went just so
Normal people looked at him with hatred and with fear
But to Obama and Kerry he was a wondrous little dear.
He would behead a prisoner in a minute
Kill people with Sarin, car bombs, mortar fire
But he also could rant about peace being
His ultimate desire.


Wah wah Mullah, by the name of al-Killah, 
There was a terrorist with a heart of stone
Wah wah Mullah, murder made him thrillah
Oh he was bad right to the bone.

He roamed the Syrian land and spread around the war
And the dance of death he waltzed really wunderbar
Obama and Kerry found him very hard to please
Whenever he wanted he'd put on them the squeeze.
For the mass media he was no psycho killer
Though they were told the things that he'd done
They said he was a brave ol’ freedom fighter
Who killed the father in front of the son.


But then his cruelty and his murdering nature were no secret to the people in Syria. The demands to exterminate this terrorist became louder and louder.

"A bomb needs up to blow" declared some other terrorists
But the Saudis said "Don't you dare try it, fleas."
For the Mullah was the greatest killer
The holy jihad had ever seen
He would dispatch a captive in a moment
And eat his heart and then his spleen. 

Then one night the Syrian Arab Army
Tracked him down to his den
Where he was with some other “freedom fighters
In all there were nine or ten.


Wah wah Mullah, by the name of al-Killah, 
There was a terrorist who was so sly
Wah wah Mullah, murder made him thrillah
Plotting on who would be next to die.

Wah wah Mullah, by the name of al-Killah, 
The soldiers didn't pause, they wanted him dead
Wah wah Mullah, murder made him thrillah
And so they shot him right through his head.


Oh, that Assad.


  1. Bill, I just read your 2012 'Satan's Little Helpers' 11/9 piece. Very good. You could have reprised it this year with some additions re. Syria.

    Russia's greatest love machine...
    Talented rehash )))

  3. What tune do I sing this to :)


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