Saturday 2 March 2013

On the Cult of the Messiah Barack Obama.

Religion is a strange thing.

It comes in different shapes and sizes, in all kinds of strange disguises. Sometimes something that appears to be a formal religion turns out, on examination, to be nothing of the kind – I’d certainly venture to say that Hinduism, for instance, isn’t really a religion at all but more an agglomeration of social practices and tradition.

And sometimes something that isn’t, on the face of it, a religion, actually is.

I will make a statement here of a fact which I completely believe:

Obamaism is a genuine religion, and Obama religionists are fundamentalist believers.

 We’ve all of us seen them online in the last four years...the reflexive supporters of the Nobel Peace Prizident Barack Obama, people so unthinkingly supportive of his activities that they will seek to defend anything and everything he says and does. Some of them I have personally come across claim, for instance,

* Obama EARNED (block letters as in the original) the Nobel Peace Prize.

* Obama is being treated badly by his political opponents.

* Obama’s drone programme is all about fighting terrorism.

Of course, none of these “facts” stand up to the slightest scrutiny. Obama did not “earn” the Nobel Peace Prize, he was given it for the stupendous feat of not being George W Bush. Obama’s alleged political opponents do not treat him “badly”, unless putting up a sham opponent so as to ensure his re-election constitutes treating him badly. As for the drone programme, it is a war crime pure and simple; and to a normal person Barack Obama is a vile corporate shill and war criminal and nothing more.

But Obama religionists are not normal people. They are as much fundamentalist believers in the religion of Barack Obama as any other religious fundamentalist, and as impervious to logic and facts as a jihad warrior or a Christian Creationist.

To a fundamentalist believer, the facts don’t count. Where normal people assess facts and draw conclusions, religious fundamentalists start from conclusions and selectively choose and manipulate facts to fit that conclusion. When facts are lacking, they either invent their own or dismiss the requirement for facts altogether, settling for attacking the actual facts and evidence proving the opposite of what they have decided.

Then there is the religious trick of setting up a counterpoint to the deity, call it what you will – the devil, or the evil one, or the asura, or whatever...the polar opposite of the goodness of the object of worship. A neutral person might find that this counterpoint isn’t really very different from the deity, and may even come across as a less obnoxious alternative; but to the religious fundamentalist, all evil flows from that source, and the deity is nothing but good. To this end, they’ll point to the positive comments and actions of the deity, however minuscule they be, and ignore the evil. They will deny the evil exists, and condemn anyone who points it out as a heretic and apostate.

This will be true even if the religion is a transparently fraudulent scheme, like Scientology or the Moon cult, and the more of a hollow sham it is to those standing on the outside, the more passionately will its adherents defend it against critics. As a general rule, the more insecure a cultist is, the more aggressive he is.

Every one of these characteristics is present in the worshippers of the Cult of Barack Obama...and George W Bush serves as a handy devil, even though by any objective parameter Bush wasn’t markedly worse than Obama and in several respects (like his refusal to countenance attacking Iran or openly backing jihadist terrorists) was better. (I will not comment on their domestic record since I am not an American, but from what I know Bush didn’t formalise murdering people, including American citizens, on suspicion as a matter of policy, and was probably less restrictive on civil rights.)

It’s a strange fact that a large number of Obama religionists characterise themselves as liberals and either atheists or agnostics. I’d call their liberalism a faux-liberalism, the kind of liberalism which handily supports war when it’s presented as a “civilising mission”; and as for their alleged atheism, the substitution of a human and mortal deity for a notional celestial one doesn’t make it any less of a deity. 

One might wonder how many of these Obama religionists are actually believers of his cult - and how many were conned by him and don't possess the intellectual honesty to admit they were duped. Those features, too, are present in believers of any religion, and in no way detract from the religious nature of the Obama Cult.

The only question is, to me, how far these worshippers are ready to take their religion. What happens if the Holy Messiah Obama – or, to be more exact, his corporate sponsors and controllers, whom his worshippers refuse to admit exist as such – decide that he will make a great Perpetual Puppet, and declare the end of the two-term limit for US Presidents? Will his worshippers, who defend the same policies under him as they condemned under Bush, go along with the decision?

I am certain that they will.

We shall see for ourselves soon enough, assuming we don’t get droned first.

Ah men.

Note: There is a tendency online for people to refer to Obama religionists as "Obamabots". Such a term is insulting to robots, who are programmed to act in a certain way and are not responsible for their actions...unlike Obama worshippers, who have consciously chosen their god.


  1. More or less, although I don't know that his cult goes very deep. 2012 seemed to be the first time in my memory where partisans of neither party really supported "their guy."

    The most I heard - outside of media never-never-lands - was "I live in far of what happens if the other guy wins!"

    Which is sort of what is keeping the rotten fake two-party system alive here.

    Of course, party politics - especially at the cult of personality level - do resemble religions to a remarkable degree. Which is why arguing about them is less than fruitful. People don't generally use reason to get into those intellectual backwaters, and they're unlikely to use reason to get out of them...

  2. Bill, This was absolutely right on. Before we moved to Turkey, we saw this coming. Good people - friends, family and neighbors - absolutely salivating over the idea that they would soon be lining up to vote for Obama. Being non-believers, we knew we'd never stand a chance against them. Shortly after his election this was confirmed when he made Killary (thanks, Bill, for that delicious name) Secretary of State. Then we knew the bombs would start flying. The key to understanding this phenomenon is American racism. Liberals are always so anxious to prove that they are not racists, they swoon when they get an opportunity to put their seal of approval on a Black candidate no matter how corrupt or conservative they are. And it doesn't matter that Obama is approving cuts to social programs in America that are devastating to Black families and particularly children of all races. This worship of Obama is so pernicious that his followers don't think that by voting for him, they're signing off on these cuts, the endless wars, the drones, tearing Syria apart, etc. etc. I'll stop here because I could rave on for hours.

  3. Bill,
    You prove me right with all you post.
    I am certain you are an excellent story teller. Your fiction proves me correct.
    I learn frommand enjoy, if that is the correct term, your commentary. This post proves me correct again. Yeah, I know, my faith in you and a dollar might get me a cup of coffee, non-Starbucks of course. They only sell over priced crap.
    Yes, Obamaism IS a cult/religion. All religions seem to have started as cults way back in their distant beginnings.That you compare the worship of our "drone king" to Scientology or the Moonies is spot on as the Brits say. Right ON sir! Damn, you nailed it Bill.
    What passes as "liberal" or "progressive" in my country, the US of A, now days makes me sick. I remember the ideals of the sixties. I was a Marine, but I still believed in the ideals of the hippies/counter culture. That the supposed "liberals" buy into war when as you state it is for "civilizing purposes" is beyond disgusting. Just HOW in hell can war ever be "civilizing"? Seriously, can anybody answer that one? War is destructive, period, end of story. War does not "civilize" at all. It sends those who fight it back into some barbaric pre-historic sort of being that no doubt would seem quite barbaric to the proverbial cave man.
    Excellent take on the drone king Bill. Thank you.

  4. Blindness is as necessary to religion as fervor is.

    It truly amazes me that the legions of Obama supporters don't see the situation for what it is, and the man for what *he* is. The evidence is there, and it is damning - but they go on, convinced that the lesser-of-two-evils isn't evil....


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