Friday, 9 December 2011

The Sodomizer (sic) of Your Children

I knew I was a hook nosed camel fucker and an uninformed brain dead libtard fucktard. I also knew I was a/the Devil. Not to mention a card-carrying traitor.

Now I find I'm a "supporter of the sodomizers (sic) of children" as well.

What's this about?

I just discovered that I’ve been blocked by Uruk Net.

For those of you who don’t know, Uruk Net is, on the surface, a “progressive, liberal” Arab site, which does all the progressive and liberal things – condemn the crackdown on protestors in Bahrain, support the Palestinians, the Egyptian protestors, and so on. It backed Gaddafi “to the hilt” against NATO and the “rebels”, mourned his murder, and supports his daughter’s call for a revolution. That’s all very nice of it.

Yet – there was something very strange about Uruk Net; something so strange and interesting that I swiftly came to the conclusion that it was a Zionazi propaganda tool.

You see, there's such a dichotomy when it comes to what these same people say when it comes to Iran and Syria.  Uruk Net supported Gaddafi – and yet in Syria, where an identical liberal-nationalist government is threatened by an identical fundamentalist cabal of “rebels” supported by NATO (in fact many of the Libyan rebels have been exported to fight Assad) and the same unsupported tales are being told of civilian massacres, suddenly it believes every single word, condemns the Assad government, calls any doubters (like me) “supporters of the sodomizers (sic) of children”, and so on. According to it, the West is actually backing Assad. I pointed out – with proof – the NATO backing of the “rebels”, their open hosting by NATO member Turkey, and the fact that the “rebels” have stated that their future “government” would be pro-Western. All I got was abuse.

Uruk Net’s equally full of vitriol against the Iranian government. In other words, while it’s safely on the “right side” when it comes to nations and peoples who can’t threaten the Zionazi pseudostate, as soon as it comes to the two countries that are really bulwarks against Zionism, all those liberal thoughts go right out of the window and it becomes a fanatic de facto supporter of the Zionazi cause. (It can safely back the Palestinians because they can’t actually do anything to hurt the Zionazis.)

It’s a propaganda stance that works along these lines: tell a series of obvious facts, and then sneak in a few lies under the radar so that they’re believed in the general flow. Like this series of statements, for example:

The sky is blue, water is wet, having children imposes certain duties on parents, politicians lie as the default option, the Pope eats live bats for breakfast, the average TV show is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, and Elton John is gay.

Now, of course this is an exaggeration, but you’ll notice that if I slipped in something that was a little less over the top ridiculous than the Pope eating bats, it probably would have hardly registered as fake on your mental radar in the rest of the flow of “obviously correct” information. Zionazi propaganda isn’t preaching to the choir – it’s seeking to convert the fence-sitters. The Zionists have long been known (it was openly declared in Haaretz) to have recruited a force of bloggers and other disseminators of propaganda on the net.

It’s strange that a website should go out of its way to block someone who provides proof of a viewpoint at odds with its own. Surely if my proofs were inadequate they could just have ignored them? The moment I even mention the possibility that they are a Zionazi front, wham I’m blocked.

Significant, uh?

I don’t mean to say all writers on Uruk Net are the same. Many are undoubtedly sincere. But they probably don’t know the unwritten rules of the house.

Um, well, I suppose I could call this a badge of honour. At least I'm forcing the bastards to sit up and take notice.
That's better than nothing, isn't it?

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