Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Zombie Song

I’m a zombie, you can see
If I eat your brains you’re history
If I nip you, in a while
You’ll get back up and join me.

Don’t waste time on fear my lad
Zombies aren’t all that bad
Compared to corruption, politics, war
We’re as wholesome as mom and dad.

Wake up a moment, open your eyes
You’re pigs, and these are sties
The powers-that-be fatten you
By their nostrums and their lies.

You’re a slave don’t you see
To the money-making industry
You’re a slave born and raised
And I’ve come to set you free.

No more grubbing for a dime
Liberated from taxes, tithes and crime
No more fights with the girlfriend, wife
Yes zombies have a nice old time.

No more worries, no more pain
Disease or hunger, loss or gain
No rat race, no road rage
Flush your troubles down the drain.
Zombie girls you know are hot
But for the tinge of stink and rot
They won’t ever break your heart
If a heart you still have got.

See that human with a gun?
His kind is now on the run
Don’t listen to his pleas and cries
He’ll shoot you once he's done.

All these days he lorded it
Over the world and cared not a whit
And now here is Payback Time
From all that he treated like shit.

You’re my friend, he’s our foe
He, not we, are evil, so
Chase him down till he can’t run
We’ll snack on him on the go.

I’m a zombie, you know me
I can break you over my knee
Or I can nip you and make you one
So which is it going to be?

Copyright B Purkayastha 2011

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