Wednesday 28 September 2011

An explanation for my recent absence

First, I hurt my hand.

This wasn't a minor injury - when your hand is pretty badly crushed by a Dobermann's jaws, you don't just shrug it off.

Said Dobermann is my daughter Teddie, who accidentally bit me on the left hand and leg while I was struggling to break up a sudden fight between her and my other two daughters, specifically my Neapolitan Mastiff daughter Juno. My hand was badly hurt, and Teddie's hip was also badly hurt, so that she was limping around, unable to put the hurt leg to the ground, and crying with pain. All this was on Sunday,  the 18th.

Early on the 19th I took her to the vet. He said she'd sprained her ligaments, would take two weeks to recover, and prescribed a course of medication. When on Wednesday, the 21st, she had shown absolutely no improvement at all, I took her back to the vet, who took X rays and discovered that she had fractured her femur at the hip joint (just below the condyle). By that time she'd begun bruising and her leg was swollen.

So for the past few days I've been working at the clinic, which is in the middle of busy season, nursing an injured hand and an injured daughter, who's only been showing some improvement over the last two days. In the meantime I've had relationship problems as well, which have caused me major stress and anxiety - and then, the day before yesterday, my cousin Katja  from Hamburg (all of 42) died after a brief viral illness, leaving behind two children.

So, yeah, this hasn't been the best month of my life, ever.


  1. I'm sorry, Bill. I wish I'd been well enough to talk to you. How's Teddie now?

  2. Improved to some extent. The bruising's down, and the swelling is about 25% of what it was. She still has pain and can't put the leg down on the ground to walk, but overall is showing some improvement.

    I hope you are better.

  3. Yeah, gotta take those priorities one at a time...

    But that's the thing about the internet - it will still be here when you get back.

  4. I'm feeling much better; being sick makes you wish you were dead. Why the sudden aggression in Teddie?


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