Saturday, 18 June 2011

Talk about "retarded"

Check this hilarious Creationist link:

No wonder they don't have a response column.

I could go on for hours about how dumb their "reasoning" is, and how many false claims they make, but why bother? Just enjoy.

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  1. Bill, here in the 'States, the Chick tracts (that's what they're called - a 'tract' is an Americanism for a small pamphlet) are legend among college students.

    Jack Chick, the founder of a small media company which produced this drivel, papered America's college and high-school campuses through Campus Crusade for Christ and other 'outreach' organizations in the '70's.

    Most of them were like this - narrow-minded, racist, full of logic-holes and other blather - but we laughed at them; wrote parodies of them; ignored them (generally).

    Nope. No small wonder they lack a 'response' section on their website....


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